Welcome. Let’s Get Real.

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

Since becoming a mom I have realized the saying “it takes a village” is so very true. Being a mom is hard y’all. I know I’m not the only one who has moments of complete craziness. Those moments where, if caught on camera, I’d be immediately sent to a crazy home. I sit and talk with friends about how I know I’m about to lose my marbles. And you know what? My friends seem to feel the same way.

Recently, I have heard stories about moms really struggling. Moms I know. Moms I talk to regularly. It’s always sort of a secret. Why? Why the hell do we keep all these scary, hard, completely defeating moments to ourselves? Why keep them all locked away in our diaries?

I have always had a love for writing. Not the fancy kind you had to do in school but real honest writing. More like journaling I guess. Diaries were MY THING growing up.  It always felt like it was such a judgement free way to get out ALL the feelings. But those are the kind of things you keep to yourself. There is a reason they make diaries with locks on them…

So that leads us to this. The Darnell Diaries. My journey into motherhood. I’m so over the secrets. Done feeling like I am the only one who has cried in the shower because the toddler is banging on the door and I just wanted a moment of quiet. Done letting other moms feel alone. We are in this together friends.

The Darnell Diaries will document all the craziness that goes on in my life.

Topics you might find here:

♥ Which natural deodorant works best (or doesn’t work at all…)

♥ Boosting milk supply and all things nursing a baby

♥ Essential oils and how to use them

♥ Believing in yourself and why it’s silly not to

♥ Our bodies and how they change with age and babies. And of course how to get them back under control

♥ Which concealer will best cover these dark circles under our eyes

♥ Boob jobs after nursing babies? (The answer is most definitely yes, just wait till I get this baby off the tit.)

♥ Vaginas and how to restore them to their rightful glory after babies.

♥ Maybe a book club?

♥ Potty training. (Or how my toddler just isn’t into it…)

♥ All my DIY attempts (DIY cleaning, DIY toddler play. DIY crafts. You get the idea.)

♥ Friendships/ relationships and how they evolve as we get older

♥ Self-care and why we shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

♥ Whatever else comes to mind, is suggested, or is on my heart at the time.

Things you probably won’t find here:

♥ Hair and makeup tutorials. I am astonishingly good at watching these tutorials. I am not so great at recreating them. I am lucky if I put on Chap Stick and brush my hair some mornings.

♥ Perfectly perfect photos. Of course I will do my best to have nice photos for y’all. But there will most likely still be toys, laundry, dogs etc. in the background. This is an honest blog, and those things are real life at my house.

♥ Posts telling you the best way to live your life. We are all different. This will simply be the very best version of my own life. Some things might not work for you and that’s okay. That’s the whole reason we are here. To talk about all the different challenges we’re all facing.

♥ Lastly, you will not find me tip toeing around people’s feelings. Of course I am not trying to offend anyone on purpose. But. I am also not trying to be fake. This will be the real life version of me. And the real life version uses bad words, sometimes talks about things that are inappropriate, and things we should live life as “naturally” as possible for the sake of our babies (But I also can be found at the local Chick Fil A often, and I ain’t ashamed of it.) Sometimes we might talk about things that are sensitive subjects. Again. That’s why we are here.

It’s time to get real. (But it’s also time to start being nice to each other. And offering grace to each other. And having each other’s backs.)

I hope this can be a judgement free zone, just like those locked diaries I kept as a young girl. This shit we call life is hard, and I’m here to talk about all the ups and downs.  You with me? This might not be the most eloquent blog. I might not have the best grammar. My posts may be all over the place. I will most definitely use some curse words and probably offend someone along the way. But you can bet your ass I’ll be honest and real. So get some coffee (Or wine. Or liquor. Or sweet tea.) and enjoy.



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