Weekly Meal Plan

Special Post!

Let’s talk meal planning real quick. Without a meal plan for the week I am a complete meal time mess. Almost always. If I haven’t thought about dinner way in advance I would rather just order pizza. It really stresses me out. Especially if I try to cook but need to head to the store first. Going to the store everyday is just not a good plan for me. Daddy Darnell has pretty much accepted that if it’s four o’clock and I haven’t mentioned dinner, we are eating leftovers. Or takeout. Or even better, leftovers from last night’s takeout.

fail to plan


Judge me.

So before baby K was here I was really good at sitting down and making a meal plan, then headed to the grocery store andΒ getting exactly what we needed for the week. But let’s be real, simply “heading to the store” with two kids is just not a thing. Taking a toddler to the store is the ABSOLUTE WORST. Literal hell on earth. He hates the cart, but can’t quite walk fast enough to keep up. The only way to keep him happy in the cart is snacks. And those who know my kid know how much he can eat. His thighs are the same size as mine. So keeping him happy with snacks would require so. many. goldfish. and fruit snacks. and puffs. and juice. and whatever else I can dig out of my back before he starts screaming.

I am making a STRONG effort this week to get us back on track. Leaving the toddler with Daddy Darnell of course.

As I made my meal plan for this week I started thinking…maybe you guys would want to use it also? I figure if I am going to spend the time making a meal plan every week, it is super easy to share it with y’all.

Also, I use my Instant Pot almost daily.

You can purchase here: http:///2rOdLIa

Most of my meal plans will include my instant pot meals. My goal is always quick, easy, real food for my family. I just have no desire to cook a meal that takes forever and also uses 85,632 pots, pans and dishes. Just no. I hate doing the dishes. (It would be so nice if I could just throw it all away each night and start over. But I love mother nature a little too much to produce all that trash.)

Let me know in the comments if this is something you’re interested in seeing every week. I could post a meal plan on Friday so you can shop over the weekend? It will help kick my ass into gear and plan for my own family.

Side note: I am still learning how to make links look nice and pretty for y’all, so hang in there. As I keep learning, these kind of things will look better and be easier to use. Until then, if you don’t like it….well…move on πŸ™‚ Unless you are really good at that kind of thing. Then don’t move on. Call me. Come over. Help me. K. Thanks.

PDF Meal Plan below


meal plan 1



Mama Darnell

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