Meal plan 3

Friends! I almost forgot to post this week’s meal plan!

Blame it on the toddler.

Let’s just be real for a minute. The past few days in toddler land have been tough. All the crying. All the whining. All the new baby jealousy. All. The. Emotions.

At one point yesterday I sat in the closet and cried while Hixon cried outside the door. Ugh. Horrible. The worst.

As I sat down to get this meal plan together I wasn’t feelin it. I was so worn down. I had no desire to even cook a grilled cheese at the time.

However, I know that part of the stress of the week is from being unprepared. I knew that having a meal plan would only make next week better. Regardless of how hard the days are, we still have to eat dinner every night. And eating out every night makes us feel like shit.

So here we are. Meal plan number 3. A little uninspired, but a meal plan none the less.

We did it mamas. We made it through another week! Here’s to the weekend, Father’s day celebrations, and family time.

Enjoy 🙂


PS: There are some REAL good instant pot recipes here. You’re welcome.

Click here


meal plan 3

winner meme


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