DIY All Purpose Cleaner

Guys, I have a confession to make.

I am not the best house keeper. Like I’m pretty bad. I HATE cleaning. Hate it. I understand that it is necessary and I don’t want my kids crawling around on dirty floors. I know it’s time to clean the toilet when there is a ring on the inside. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. You might be thinking, “Is there anyone who actually likes cleaning?” YES. There are those freaks that do it for a living. ( God bless them. I’m so happy to have them.)  And I have even heard a woman call cleaning the toilets “therapeutic.” No. Just no ya freaks. (JK. It’s your freak flag, let it fly.) So when I started trying to switch over our cleaning products to less toxic products you can imagine my despair. I mean, I already hate cleaning, now I learn that it’s also super poisonous to my health. I’m out.

The alternative products at the store seemed SO overpriced. Again, I already hate cleaning, don’t ask me to pay $452 for a bottle of counter top cleaner. Ugh. You know what option that leaves me? Making my own products.

Let’s refresh. I hate cleaning (have I mentioned that yet?) NOW I also have to spend time making my own cleaning products or else fear I’m just spraying toxic poison juice all over my counter. GREAT.



Luckily, I have found some :: SUPER :: easy DIY all-purpose cleaners. And y’all don’t think I’m using the words “all-purpose” lightly. I literally use one spray bottle to clean my kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops, kitchen table, top of my dresser, toilet seat, inside of my car….you get the idea.

So, here are my two all-time favorite DIY all-purpose cleaning recipes.

Recipe number 1

1 glass spray bottle

½ white vinegar

½ water

10-15 drops lemon oil

That’s it. I don’t really measure my vinegar or water, I just eye-ball it. Is that how you say it? “Eye-ball” it? Sounds weird. But I do use my eye-balls and decide when it’s half way full. This is the only recipe I used for years. If I feel like the vinegar smell is a little too strong I just add more lemon oil. You do need to use a glass spray bottle because lemon will break down plastic and you don’t need your cleaner eating a hole in your bottle.

Once we moved into our new house, I learned that I shouldn’t use vinegar on my marble and granite counter tops. I know, so freaking fancy in this new house! So I decided to make a cleaner that I could still use everywhere and not need a special bottle for these special counter tops. Basically, I couldn’t remember which bottle was which, so now I am back to one.


Recipe number 2

1 glass spray bottle

Fill to the top with water

Add one tablespoon of On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

For this one I do actually measure the On Guard cleaner. If you go overboard with the cleaner, it’ll have a soapy consistency and leave a residue behind. So just one tablespoon works for 8 ounces of water.

These are seriously the two easiest DIY cleaners I have tried AND they work! They are also super cheap to make.

Vinegar is roughly $2.50 for a whole gallon at Wal-Mart, and Lemon oil is around $0.04 per drop.

The On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is $14.50 for 12 oz. So you should get maybe 24 bottles of cleaner out of your one cleaner concentrate? Maybe? Math isn’t my thing really…whatever. It’s cheap.



So no more stressing over poison juice on your counters, over-priced natural cleaners, or complicated DIY cleaners. Easy Peasy.

Now go and clean those counters!

Find all the oils you need here:

Find the glass spray bottles here: or



Mama Darnell

P.S. I don’t ever buy any fancy rags. I just use old wash cloths. I seriously hate washing my face with a rough wash cloth. So about once every few months I take all the rags from the bathroom and add them to the cleaning rags. I take all the old nasty cleaning rags and add them to the rags in the garage and Daddy Darnell ruins them out there.

P.S. again: I know the label on my spray bottle looks ridiculous, but this is real life with a two year old and a three month old I just don’t have time to worry about labels. Judge Me.

P.S. again again: This was my first time to attempt my own blog pictures. I know I usually say judge me, but don’t judge me this time. I’m learning. K thanks.


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